Age Verification

Registered users of the app are given the option to verify their age at sign-up. Only those verified as over 18 are permitted to use the app to play age-restricted machines, supporting the compliance needs of licensed businesses. If players are not 18 or older, they will be able to use the app, but only on machines that are not age-restricted.

Game Payment uses advanced technology to verify a player’s age. Its accuracy is far higher than a human being can achieve. It does this by using an artificial intelligence technique called machine learning. This involves checking a large number of facial images for patterns in the data and constructing an algorithm from the results. There’s no real understanding of characteristics that humans might, consciously or unconsciously consider – wrinkles, crow’s feet, stubble, etc. To a computer, it’s just data.

Players who wish to use the app for age-restricted machines are asked to take a selfie. That is then processed against the algorithm. Most users will pass immediately to the next stage of account registration. Those who appear to be under 18 are asked to provide evidence of their age, such as a passport or driving licence, before they can open a Game Payment account. Age verification is just one of the many features in Game Payment designed to prevent problem play.

To read about the other in-built social responsibility measures, visit the Responsible Gambling page.