Game Payment LIVE at Brighton Palace Pier

12th May 2021

Brighton Palace Pier is the first family entertainment centre to partner with Game Payment Technology. They have installed the cashless gaming solution onto the 75 machines in their Dome arcade, ready for reopening in mid-May.

Mike Brocklehurst from Brighton Palace Pier commented: “We’re very excited to welcome our customers back after the lockdown ends. We’ve put lots of measures into place to ensure everyone can enjoy playing our games safely. This includes the Game Payment app with our own Brighton Palace Pier wallet.”

Despite the lockdown halting machine play, the team at GPT have been updating the Game Payment app so it can be used in amusement arcades. The new version allows users to play not only on gaming machines, but on ALL machine types, in ALL venues!

So What’s New?

Before lockdown, the Game Payment app was being used in 80 pubs and social clubs to play fruit machines. The new version of the app allows players to use the app to play on all the machines in a venue without the need for cash (with the exception of coin pusher machines, obviously, though Game Payment can also be used with change machines).

The new version of the app still has all of the age verification and social responsibility measures that were in place before the update. However, if players only want to play on machines without age-restrictions (for example, those in family entertainment centres) then the age verification process is optional.

The new app was tested and demonstrated on a basketball machine at Brighton Palace Pier earlier this year. The recording of this demo is available on the GPT website and social media channels. Following the success of these initial tests, 75 machines in Brighton Palace Pier’s Dome arcade have now had the Game Payment solution installed.

Another significant addition to the app provides customers with their own wallets. The look and feel of the app can be customised and venue and machine-specific promotions offered. Brighton Palace Pier is the first customer to take advantage of this. They are currently offering up to 20% off the cost of play when players pay using the Brighton wallet within the Game Payment app.

What Are the Business Benefits?

The Bank of England reported in 2019 that only 23% of all payments that year were made using cash. This was down from close to 60% a decade earlier, as people increasingly turned to other payment methods, such as debit cards and digital payments. With fewer people carrying cash, players either stop playing very quickly or they need to visit an ATM. The Game Payment app provides a more convenient, modern solution, making it easier for customers to stay and play in the arcade.

GPT director John Rozek stated: “The Brighton Palace Pier wallet will allow Brighton to provide its customers with an experience tailored to their location and brand. Brighton Pier will benefit from detailed insights into its customer base that simply is not possible with cash or debit cards, allowing it optimise its proposition and drive customer-specific marketing. The app is now open to all, with age verification only required for gambling machines. The app can be used on all machines, including change dispensers, so even the pushers are supported. Game Payment has achieved a massive step change, providing a modern solution that not only responds to the decline in cash, but also enables stronger business performance based on insights and promotions”.


Game Payment is currently being rolled out to many new sites, ready for the end of lockdown. The solution is easy to install in new machines or to retrofit, in both digital and analogue machines. Contact us at to discuss your machines and the best options to Game Payment-enable them.

Game Payment Brighton Palace Pier