Game Payment: the Market-Leading Cashless Payment Solution

May 2022

Cashless payment provider, Game Payment Technology (GPT), is now supporting twenty-seven operators in the UK, including Regal Gaming Technologies, Gamestec Leisure (Inspired), Novomatic, Spin2Win and Automatic Machine Services (AMS).

AMS is leading the way in their support of Game Payment with high numbers of machines being played, resulting in a large increase in players in April. They are also the first customer of GPT’s to install the software-only solution onto three different manufacturers’ machines: Reflex, Innov8 and Blueprint.

Jason Jarrett, managing director at AMS stated: “AMS have been advocates of this product since inception and we are now focusing all our product purchasing on models that are Game Payment-enabled. We greatly value this additional payment method and consider it crucial for continued revenue growth. Our customers are keen to have the very latest products, innovations, and slick modern methods to satisfy every possible request, and to capture interest and new players. GPT ticks all these boxes and has proven to be a great asset to our business performance. We look forward to even more manufacturers developing models that are Game Payment-enabled so the portfolio of products we can offer our customers can grow even wider. I truly believe, cash is no longer king.”

Across all operators, GPT is seeing machine numbers increase rapidly, growing by more than 25% in April compared to March. GPT expects that number to go up even faster in May and June, as large numbers of digital machines and pool tables are enabled. Furthermore, several of the major pubcos are now using Game Payment on a significant number of their fruit machines. Clearly, GPT is gaining momentum with both single-site and multi-site operators.

GPT director, Tim Stratton, remarked “GPT is confident in the superiority of our technology and support. That’s reflected in the fact that we don’t require exclusivity from our customers. We believe that they should be free to choose the best solution.”

GPT will be announcing availability on more manufacturers’ machines, and more operator agreements throughout the year. Follow @gamepaymenttech for all the latest news or email for more information.