GPT sells out initial production run of its new pool table solution within a day

3rd November 2021

The Game Payment cashless app continues to break new ground with the release of its battery-powered pool table solution.

The team at Game Payment Technology (GPT) are riding high after the enormously successful ACOS event, where they showcased their brand-new TR-SLU. This radical new unit allows cashless play on pool tables and other amusement machines and has a battery life of up to three years. The unit at the show was connected to a pool table ball-release mechanism. The team demonstrated paying with the Game Payment app using a QR code on the table.

“The reaction at ACOS to our new pool table solution was overwhelming” said GPT’s customer satisfaction manager, Raj Mistry. “It was good to engage with operators and demonstrate the pool table solution. The interest was such that we could have sold hundreds of units on the spot. We also demonstrated Game Payment working on Blueprint machines” he continued.

GPT sold out its initial production run of TR-SLUs within a day of the order form going live. However, Game Payment has secured further supplies of the key semiconductor components, which will be delivered this later year.

A significant order was placed by Ivor Thomas Amusements, who already have the Game Payment solution enabled on their digital fruit machines. Paul Thomas, managing director, commented: “I was impressed with the pool table demo at ACOS, so much so, that we placed our order straight away. The main selling point is the potential battery life, whereas the other cashless systems we’re currently using all require a power socket. Game Payment is quick and easy to use. Once a player downloads the app on their phone, it makes cashless payments seamless across all machines in all venues. The team at GPT are outstanding and I’ve been encouraging all my fellow operators to get their orders in quickly!”

In addition to the pool table, GPT had fruit machines, both analogue and digital, a crane grabber, and pinball machine on display at ACOS. Game Payment is the only multi-machine solution available today that works across all machine types in all venues.

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