JCM Global Acquires Shareholding in Game Payment Technology

April 2023

Game Payment Technology is pleased to announce that JCM Global have acquired bacta’s shareholding in the cashless payments company. Latitude 91 Ltd will continue to co-own GPT and has not sold any of its shares.

The buy-in is a significant move by JCM Global to drive the amusement and gaming machine industry forward with cashless payment solutions. The integration of Game Payment with JCM’s Ticket2Go system was demonstrated at ICE in February. 

Payam Zadeh, general manager EMEA & managing director UK, JCM Global, said, “There is no doubt that the need for cashless solutions, alongside other forms of payment within the gaming sector and the wider world, is growing. Therefore, this investment in Game Payment Technology is strategically very important for JCM Global and an extension of the market-leading service our customers have come to expect from us.”

“These are exciting times for JCM Global, and we anticipate that players in jurisdictions around the world will soon be able to pay and collect winnings via Ticket2Go using the GPT app, effectively replacing cash-handling with a simple, ticket-based solution. The combination of the two systems means that operators can offer cashless payment without needing to alter individual gaming machines. The solution incorporates social responsibility measures and opportunities for precisely targeted marketing initiatives,” added Zadeh.

Robert Gibb, head of finance and operations at bacta, added: “It has been a pleasure working with the team at Latitude 91. We set out to deliver a reliable solution to address growing concerns about the decline of cash within the amusement and gaming machine industry. I believe we have taken great strides toward this goal, and I am extremely positive about the future of Game Payment Technology. Now, with the backing of JCM, GPT will be able to expand its payment solutions for the benefit of operators and players around the world.”

Tim Stratton, chief executive of Latitude 91, commented “This is clearly an exciting development for GPT. The joint venture with bacta achieved such a lot but working with JCM literally opens up a world of new opportunities. I’m confident that you can look forward to a long series of exciting developments in the near future.”

John Rozek, GPT and Payam Zadeh, JCM Global.