Latest News from GPT

August 2023

Play in July:

Although play on fruit machines reaches its lowest point at this time of year, Game Payment continues to grow. The amount deposited by players grew again in July and the number of machines played saw a very healthy increase. The growth in player numbers is remarkably consistent throughout the year – as the graph below illustrates.

Multi-Machine Use:

Game Payment is quickly becoming the preferred way of paying in the pub. For instance, before and after playing ten games of pool, a Wolverhampton player took a few spins on the nearby King of Games fruit machine. Some players in Andover have two favourite pubs and play pool using GPT in both. It’s all about convenience and fun with Game Payment!

Reflex Game Master 2:

Exciting news! Reflex have recently launched their Game Master 2 cabinets. Game Payment is now available using either hardware or software solutions on the following machines:

  • Game Master 2 – EVO Cat C Menu
  • Game Master – EVO Cat C Menu

Our software-based solution uses the GBG EFT protocol, allowing cashless play without needing to install any hardware. Alternatively, you can use a TP-SLU to connect to Game Payment.

For players, the main difference between these options is how they connect their app to a machine. The TP-SLU will allow the player to find the machine using Bluetooth (see screenshot to the right). Both solutions allow the player to scan the QR code presented on the machine. Otherwise, the player experience is the same.

Cash Vs Cashless:

Research shows that for small retail businesses, the cost of an average transaction for cash is 9.1% (1). These costs factor in cash management and reconciliation costs as well as back-office and banking charges. Card payments are at least 50% cheaper than cash, on average.

The bigger picture though, is that arcade operators are losing revenue from the cash-averse. A nationwide study on behalf of Samsung found that only 14% of people in the UK always carry cash – and just 8% of 18-to-29-year-olds (2). Even a handy ATM won’t necessarily appeal to these people.