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July 2023

Play in June:

The very hot weather clearly affected play on fruit machines: the hottest days saw significantly less play than the more temperate ones. Despite this, the daily average spend in June was the same as in May, so the underlying trend is still firmly upwards. Interestingly, the average deposit per player rose by 13% last month as the most dedicated players were less distracted by the heat.

Growth in Cashless Payments:

The popularity of cashless payments is growing across the world. Mobile wallet payments accounted for 35% of transaction values in 2022 (up from 32% in 2021). GlobalData predicts this will carry on and that mobile wallet payments will be used more than cards by 2026.

100% Uptime:

Game Payment has been running continuously without an interruption in service since its launch. That’s now 40 months!

Player Analysis:

Data analysis is one of the many added-value features of Game Payment. Here’s some of the surprising facts it reveals.

Players aged 30-40 spend the most, though there are more players aged 18-30.

However, the 60-70  year olds are the biggest individual spenders, spending more than three times as much, on average, as 30-50 year olds and more than six times as much as 18-30s!

That’s not due to one or two high-rollers – there’s a large group of them.

Inspired Machines:

We are pleased to announce that the following Inspired machines can now be Game Payment-enabled:

  • Prismatic
  • iPub2
  • iPub3