The mobile app demonstration using live payments in June

bacta’s members were able to see and use the new cashless gaming app at bacta’s divisional meetings on 12th June 2019. 

The app allows customers to play gaming machines using money loaded from their debit card into a ‘digital wallet’ on their mobile phone. 

Members were delighted with what they saw. The system was ‘fully live’ with money being loaded from real debit cards. Following a simple registration process, members tapped their phones on an NFC (contactless) tag on the machine and they were playing.  Loading and collecting winnings was instantaneous. Use of the app was simple and intuitive.

Greg Wood, bacta’s Vice President commented “The team at bacta is so proud of what has been achieved in such a short period of time. The solution design is perfect for the needs of our industry, allowing manufacturers and operators to fit, or retro fit machines with minimal effort and cost.  We were adamant that the solution should work with both analogue and digital machines, and we are delighted that the same solution works for both”.

Paul Deed, CTO from bacta’s partner Polar Moment said “Security is essential for any payment solution.  We have implemented the best practices used in real-time card payments to secure the solution. And of course, it is compliant with PCI:DSS, the payment industry’s security standard.”

Following the demonstration on the machines, members where shown the extensive back office reporting capabilities, including high-level dashboards and detailed level analysis. This included the use of artificial intelligence to identify unusual patterns of play.

bacta’s National Council will decide on 26th June 2019 whether to enter into a joint venture with Polar Moment to bring the app to market.