New Version of the Game Payment App

2nd July 2020

The team here at GPT have been working hard to make improvements to the Game Payment app. We hope to be launching the latest version of the Game Payment app in late July, offering a far superior user experience.

So, what’s new?

With the new version of the app, we have removed the NFC requirement to connect the app to a machine. Now, players will be able to look for and connect to machines near them, directly in the app, without the need to tap their phone or tablet on a games machine. Yes – tablets too! The previous version of the app could only be used by mobile phones, but now users can get the new version of the app on their Bluetooth-enabled tablets.

For operators, this means they no longer need to site NFC tags on the games machine, leaving them free to brand the machine with ‘Game Payment Enabled’ as and where they see fit, without the constraint of players needing to be able to ‘tap’ on the machine.

How does it work?

Once a user has downloaded the app and signed up, they can then press PLAY. A scan will start to search for machines within range of the user’s device.

A list of machines in range, that are not currently being used, will then be displayed, with the closest machine shown first. The user can then click to connect to their chosen machine.

If no machines are found within range, the user can click FIND VENUES, which then opens the venue finder page on the Game Payment website:


Game Payment is now rolling out to early adopter sites. The hardware is easy to install in new machines or to retrofit, for both digital and analogue machines.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact